Jan 13, 2017

Find out what are the 7 key actions for you and your brand & business

7 Key Actions for 2017

Discover the key inspiring shots that will help you flourish your business and ignite your brands this year.

#1 Offer On-demand Service

On demand services will not stop growing in 2017. Not only in entertainment, such as Netflix and HBO GO, but in a person's entire lifestyle. More and more, we will have access to what we want, whenever we want and the way we want it, specially due to new social features as 'Shop Now' buttons in Instagram and Amazon's drone delivery. Furthermore, the advance of artificial intelligence will enable people to have their own personal assistants to attend their demands instantly, like Amazon Echo or Dr. Cuco that helps people to take care of their health.

Key Action
(1) Find ways to help consumer's to have access to what they want, when and how they want it. (2) Tap into the sharing economy by connecting people.

#2 Take Experience to Another Level

In 2017, technology will play an important role in boosting people's experiences. Virtual reality will be accessible to more people through the production of more content in 360º and transmitted in popular platforms, such as Facebook's Live 360 Broadcasting. Additionally, Pokemon Go showed the potential of augmented reality last year; so this year, more apps and devices such as Microsoft's Holo Lens can be expected. And finally, the internet of things and artificial intelligence will help reinvent the experience at phsyical retail to become frictionless, following the example of Amazon's Go store and Foot Locker's Trainer Tours.

Key Action
Cleverly use technology to create new immersive experiences.

#3 Tap Into People's Lives Seamlessly

Mobile has been a key word for quite some time now and in 2017 it should not be any different. Smartphones, smart watches, wearables, gadgets, tablets and microchips will advance into people's lives. However, everything has to be effortless; it needs to be so well integrated into people's lives that it seems natural. Nintendo Switch promises to be one of this year's most important products as it features modular forms of playing, including on the go.

Key Action
Understand how to be part of people's life in a natural and frictionless way.

#4 Be Transparent and Authentic

Customer's demand for transparency from brands will only increase this year. Millenials fought for more honesty from brands, but Generation Z will live it. In the food and drink categories for example, brands will need to offer more information than is normally provided on the packaging labels. And since "post-truth" was chosen by Webster dictionary as word of 2016, Google has developed fact-checking labels for it's Google News platform. Authenticity and transparency will be the key words for brands to connect with their targets. The growth of brands like Nubank and American Eagle's Aerie Lingerie in 2016 are evidences of the consumer's new demands.

Key Action
Create honest and authentic conversations with the brand's public.

#5 Foster Your Consumer's Progress

With the current recession, more people will seek alternatives to enhance their lives. It may be a gourmet cupcake business or the usage of platforms for making money, like Uber. Facebook has developed a platform to help app developers, called FBstart, and entertainment medias have surfed the entrepreneur wave with shows like Shark Tank.Those with less entrepreneur spirit may look for non-traditional education to become competitive in the market again, like EduK, Me Passa Aí or Kahn Academy.

Key Action
Help your brand's target to enhance their lives.

#6 Empower Your Consumer and Share Their Causes

The growth of online reviews, blogs and social media has transferred the power over brands into the hands of consumers and created important channels for dialogue between the two. Consequently, people will reward brands with which they have vivid relationships and with purposes to which they can relate. Women empowerment and the environmental concern will continue to be popular purposes, like Barbie and Patagonia and even Audi has questioned gender stereotypes.

Key Action
Have active relationships with the consumers to know and share their causes.

#7 Redefine Possession

That the largest taxi firm doesn't own a car, that the most popular retailer doesn't own any stock and that the largest hotelier doesn't own any hotel is not news. However, people have adopted their business models as their personal philosophy. With new technologies and fads coming and going at every moment, more people will value the ephemeral quality of life. They will turn to the sharing economy to live experiences, rather than owning anything. People will understand that they do not need to own a Mercedes-Benz to drive one. Or own an office to one, they can pay by the hour with Place2Work. This will represent one of the largest challenges, and opportunities, for brands in 2017.

Key Action
Constantly create novelty to excite the consumers and explore new business models to remain relevant.


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